Connecting social network communication to our digiCLV

In cooperation with Minute Screen company a new unique tool has been created with the goal of creating innovative campaigns. We can now connect social network communication to our digiCLV in top shopping centres. Investments into campaigning on social networks gradually take up more and more of companies’ marketing budgets and with them grows the amount of creative ideas and thoughts shared therein. Those won’t have to simply remain on the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) – the best posts, photos or videos can appear at the same time also on the digiCLVs in the ten biggest shopping centres in the Czech Republic. Interesting and, most importantly, current content as it appears on social networks will be allowed to reach your customers in real time and influence their shopping decisions.

We believe that it is time to use the unique content on social media for digital indoor media as well. The dynamics of its development and abilities of the new media help it along and we are pleased to be connecting these two worlds.

We are opening a new network of digital screens for campaigns in which it will be possible to change the content in real time and react thus to current events.

Currently, a campaign of PEPSI is taking place: “win a trip to the Champions League finale”, where the best Facebook posts (user-generated-content) are showed online on our screens, see photo or video here.